| Alexander Kaloian – Sunset Parade (2012)
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Alexander Kaloian – Sunset Parade (2012)

Sunset Parade – Ceremonial Music for the United States Marine Corps ©2012

Introit Musicians Enter

March “District of Columbia” Tribute to the US Capital

Tribute to other Nations
March “Holland Park” Tribute to the United Kingdom

March “O Canada” Tribute to Canada

“Bois d’Arcy” from “Ile-de-France” Tribute to the French Republic

“Reitersmarsch” from “Prussian Marches” Tribute to the Federal Republic of Germany

March “National Defence” Tribute to the Armenian Republic

Movement III from “Suite for Symphonic Winds No. 1” “sul tema di Barbara Allen”
– Tribute to Historical America

American Railroad
– Tribute to Historical America
Marche Funèbre

Tribute to our Fallen Comrades

Morning Colours – arr. Kaloian – Knox

Evening Colours – arr. Kaloian – Knox

The Star Spangled Banner
US National Anthem – arr. Kaloian

The Marine’s Hymn
arr. Kaloian – Huntsburg

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