| Alexander Kaloian – Biography
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Alexander Kaloian – Biography

Alexander Kaloian – born 1962 in Los Angeles, California is a composer, music publisher and record label executive, currently residing in Orange County, California.
Kaloian is known for the strong nationalistic musical language in his works, which include marches, tone poems, and symphonies – many evoking images of the Armenian homeland.
Among his most recent works is the large-scale Concerto for Orchestra (2015) – a 30 minute work in 5 Movements, wherein the various families of the orchestra are juxtaposed with and against each other, forming many contrasts between quiet and violence. Concerto for Orchestra was the debut release of NUNOTE and is available on iTunes.
Kaloian has studied with a number of prominent mentors, including

  • Daniel Robbins (Harmony)
  • Gunnar Johansen (Composition in Piano)
  • John Bergamo (Percussion)
  • Amiya Dasgupta (North Indian Sargam)
  • Tom Knox (Composition in Wind Ensemble


and attended the following music schools

  • Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts
  • The California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, California
  • the Armed Forces School of Music, Little Creek, Virginia
    At age 19 Kaloian enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. Upon graduating first in his class at Armed Forces School of Music , Kaloian was assigned to the Fleet Marine Force Pacific Band in Peal Harbor, Hawaii as Pianist, Composer/Arranger.  Upon leaving active service in 1986, Kaloian was awarded the Navy/Marine Corps Achievement Medal.


    A natural linguist, Kaloian graduated from the University of Southern California in 1991 with a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics.


    Kaloian is a member of ASCAP and is published by The Cloud Media Group, Limited (ASCAP) – Scores are available at – Recording are available on NUNOTE


    Kaloian is a leading figure in Music Technology and embraces New Media with a commitment to furthering Classical music throughout the world.  Listeners can engage with this immense musical energy on the Website and in Social Media – follow on Twitter @akaloian and “like” on Facebook.

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